‘Article 13 as written threatens to seal down the ability of countless people from creators just like you to everyday users to upload content to platforms like YouTube. And it threatens to close users in the EU from viewing content that is certainly already go on the channels of creators everywhere. This includes YouTube’s incredible video library of educational content, like language classes, physics tutorials along with other how-to’s.’

You can t force visitors to buy something they could get at no cost super easily, if you do not make sure it is impossible to get it at no cost, which when it comes to music is actually not happening since no real political / police actions were taken to eradicate piracy so far the only company who succeeded in partially (along with some countries only) eradicating piracy without using force is Spotify.

According to X and the family, the most up-to-date incident was brought on by the like, as DMX is affected with asthma and regularly requires an inhaler. Just before the incident occurred, X reportedly asked for his inhaler. So, despite wide-spread speculation about a drug overdose, it isn’t conclusive along with the allegations could very well be Hayley Kiyoko concert false.

What are you arguing for? That the business is overvalued? Or that songwriters ought to be pay more? Because you are most often conflating two completely separate issues. If the payout to songwriters climbs up, conceivably Westergren & other executives could take a salary cut & free up funds to pay for songwriters, but that s simply a drop within the bucket. As for money being made by investors off the speculative valuation on the business, that s not money that could ever possibly end up inside the hands of songwriters unless the songwriters are buying stock or are receiving paid in equity, & that s sort of a silly notion. Isn t it?

The most interesting part of these statements was that individuals couldn’t find Spotify anywhere. That may be part of a decision to skip Spotify entirely determined by lower royalty concerns, with all the current emphasis going towards paid platforms. A large percentage of free, ad-supported Spotify users is section of what’s dragging those totals, with royalties from the platform routinely dropping well below the $0.004 level from data we’ve seen.